Total Transformation Health Program

Total Transformation Health Program

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Transform your Health

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Do you feel frustrated and stuck with your health? You want to eat better, but just don't have the time to cook everyday. You are busy and need easy action steps that can fit into your life. You don't have time for counting calories, points, or macros.

The Unfortunate Truths:

  • +70% of people who go on a "diet" gain back more weight than they lost.
  • Disease is running rampant through our society - Heart Disease, Cancer, Metabolic Diseases, Auto-Immune & Inflammatory diseases.

Why? - Because most people eat crap food and the "health food" industry is full of marketing scams.

Break out of the bad health cycle!

Get a simple road map to health that FITS into YOUR life NOW.

You can do this!

What if I told you, it's not really about calories, serving sizes, or low-fat foods?

No time, no clue where to start, No Problem!

This is about giving you real factual information on health, teaching you to avoid "health food" marketing scams, and empowering you actionable steps you can start taking right away to feel a difference in your health today.

Why should you trust me?

I understand busy and I understand chronic health issues. For 8 years I ran a safe house for human trafficking victims out of our own home, while working a day job and raising a family. I understand stress. I understand putting everyone else's needs before your own. I understand working way too long and just needing to eat - something. anything. just need food. Well, my health issues hit with a vengeance 4 years into it and seriously took it's toll on my life, energy levels, and ability to live my life to its fullest. I saw a load of doctors and none of them had a clue as to why or what was happening to me. Changing my eating habits and figuring out how to make them fit into my daily life was nothing short of a miracle. EVERY health issue cleared up! More energy than I'd ever had, mental clarity to problem solve, and creativity to find new solutions.... It completely changed my life.

I want to help you change your life too. Because we're never going to achieve our God-given purposes in this world when we're fueled on doughnuts, diet soda, and caffeine.

Not only have I walked through changing my own eating habits and health. Helping people change their lives is what I do. Removing obstacles and roadblocks in their path is what I do. Eight years mentoring & raising up trafficking survivors is ALL about walking someone through life change. And I've worked with well over 100 survivors, not to mention volunteers and co-workers in the field.


Not wondering what's for dinner. Not feeling overwhelmed in a grocery store and questioning every item you put in your cart. Imagine confidently eating every meal in your day with feeling completely full & satisfied. Imagine never feeling guilty about what you or your family is eating again.

Imagine freedom from headaches, inflammation, sluggish feelings, and foggy thoughts. Health issues fading away.... Wake up with energy and excitement for the day. Plenty of energy to live your life to the fullest. A healthy glow illuminating your life. People asking "What are YOU doing different? You look great!"


"Your course helped me make healthier decisions TODAY! Thank you! - Ari

"This was fun to watch, and really practical. Thanks for showing us how this all works, and for giving us a variety of different options. This course made it real and tangible." - Gretchen

"Yees! This is actionable and DO-able. Not overwhelming at all! I feel motivated to make these changes for my kid's health." -Raewyn

"You have TOTALLY helped me! I've never really cooked before and was nervous to start. The prospect of shopping is much less scary and I have a repertoire of quick easy meals. Now I feel confident enough to try even more recipes." - Jameson


Is this for me? If you know your eating habits aren't ideal and you are ready for a change that fits into your busy life, this is your one stop shop.

How long will I have access to the content? Forever. Videos, worksheets, downloads, etc.. Plus you will have access to every update to the course going forward. All the latest info to keep you informed and motivated.

How does the course work? You can watch the videos at your own pace and work through each worksheet as you have time. The videos are short & informative. Giving you information to make healthy decisions and changes right away.

What if I have questions? You can always email me. Plus - in 2017 a private FB group will be rolled out so you will have 24 hour access to encouragement and support there.


  • Access NOW (Don't have to wait for official roll-out)
  • 1:1 Intro Call/Skype Laser Coaching Session (30 mins)
  • Chance to win a FULL refund! Provide before & after photos or a video testimony of implementing the Total Transformation Program by Jan 31st 2017 and be entered to win a full refund on your purchase price.

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Veronica Lamb
Veronica Lamb
Hi! I'm Veronica Lamb, from Honolulu, Hawaii. A wife, mother, nature lover, and social justice activist. I do too much all the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way! The way I see it - Live ambitiously or you're not living at all.
I'm a health coach for purpose driven families. Currently, I am focusing on breastfeeding moms with food sensitive babies. I've been through the journey with my daughter and now again with my newborn son. I know how tough it is with a constantly crying baby and I want all moms to have the relief of a happy peaceful baby too.
I've been through my own journey with health issues. One thing remains consistent, whether it's the health of babies or adults, the food we take into our bodies plays a crucial role. Our symptoms show up in one of three ways - Digestive, Skin, or Sleep/Energy. I support a simple, natural, healthy lifestyle from birth through life.
So if you're mom looking to ensure both you and your kids have the nutrition you need - Grab my free supports and be sure to like & follow the Facebook page for live videos.

If you're a busy individual on a mission and looking to fuel yourself up to live out the fullness of your purpose. You're welcome to join us too. All the health tips apply to you, but I'll be using all mom & baby talk for the foreseeable future. :)