Comprehensive Breastfeeding Meal Plan and Program

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Meal Plan and Program

taught by Veronica Lamb

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You know baby has food sensitivities. You are committed to breastfeeding.

But... you want some variety in your meals. Trying to come up with delicious meals that not only meet your's & baby's need, but also the whole family can enjoy, is driving you crazy.

I enjoyed a beautiful 24 months nursing my first born. We were able to successfully reintroduce many foods, but some foods remained on the "no" list. It was a long process, but a beautiful season filled with health. You can have that too!

Don't stress yourself out. Don't run the risk of breaking diet then enduring the constant crying again!

Get the support you need for the longterm.

  • Allergy Free Meal Plans, Recipes, & Shopping Lists
  • 24+ Allergy-Free Recipes
  • Easy to Cook, Easy to Scale for Large Families, Kid Friendly
  • Meal Plan Template for Your Own Customization
  • Guidance on Re-Introducing Foods and Expanding your Diet
  • Tips on Avoiding Cross Contamination and Eating out with Family & Friends

Don't let food sensitivities run your life. Yes, you want your babies, kids, family and self to be symptom free, but it doesn't have to consume all your time & energy.

You need real actionable steps to keep your life running and not let allergies or health conditions define you or your lifestyle.

The Frustrating Reality:

  • 11 Million+ Americans (3 million of which are children) are estimated to have Food Allergies. - CDC
  • The prevalence of food allergies in children has risen 18% in the past 10 years. - CDC

What does this mean? More and more families are being forced to radically change their diet. Nearly every recipe & meal that they grew up with is now "unsafe" for them to eat.

This course guides you through real life with food sensitivities.

You will get in-depth support on how to keep your life running and not let food sensitivities define you or limit your lifestyle.

  • Getting the most out of your Food & Symptom Journal
  • Scheduling which Allergens to Re-Introduce
  • Eating Out and Joining Social Gatherings despite Food Sensitivities
  • Dealing with Different Allergies & Intolerances within the same Household

Join NOW and give yourself the peace of mind that you're not in this alone.

Veronica Lamb
Veronica Lamb
Hi! I'm Veronica Lamb, from Honolulu, Hawaii. A wife, mother, nature lover, and social justice activist. I do too much all the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way! The way I see it - Live ambitiously or you're not living at all.
I'm a health coach for purpose driven families. Currently, I am focusing on breastfeeding moms with food sensitive babies. I've been through the journey with my daughter and now again with my newborn son. I know how tough it is with a constantly crying baby and I want all moms to have the relief of a happy peaceful baby too.
I've been through my own journey with health issues. One thing remains consistent, whether it's the health of babies or adults, the food we take into our bodies plays a crucial role. Our symptoms show up in one of three ways - Digestive, Skin, or Sleep/Energy. I support a simple, natural, healthy lifestyle from birth through life.
So if you're mom looking to ensure both you and your kids have the nutrition you need - Grab my free supports and be sure to like & follow the Facebook page for live videos.

If you're a busy individual on a mission and looking to fuel yourself up to live out the fullness of your purpose. You're welcome to join us too. All the health tips apply to you, but I'll be using all mom & baby talk for the foreseeable future. :)

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Meal Plan C Weeks 5-6
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Meal Plan D Weeks 7-8
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